The Presidents Code – Vice President Daniel D. Tompkins

The Presidents Code – Vice President Daniel D. Tompkins

Vice President Daniel D. Tompkins Democratic-Republican 3/4/1817-3/4/1825
Vice President Daniel D. Tompkins
Democratic-Republican 3/4/1817-3/4/1825

Daniel Tompkins was elected as Monroe‘s Vice President in the 1816 election. As Governor of New York, Tompkins organized state militia during the War of 1812 and even invested his own capital when the state legislature would not approve of more funds for the war. After the war, Tompkins was not able to recover the loans which he had made and led to him becoming an alcoholic, even presiding over the Senate while being drunk.

These aspects of Tompkins life are significant as they point directly to the conflict between Adam and the serpent in the Garden. In Hebrew, one of the words for a loan is נשא ‘nasha’ which can also be translated as deceive or beguile. This is the Hebrew word used of the serpent’s beguiling of Eve in the Garden (Genesis 3:13). In the Scriptures, strong drink is associated with sin committed by man as when one loses their ability to think properly when drunk (Isaiah 28:7). Strong drink can cause one to forget God’s law, as did Adam and Eve (Proverbs 31:5). Drunkenness is also associated with being deceived by a perverse spirit, such as that which the serpent brought into the Garden (Isaiah 19:14).


Tompkins’ name meaning displays the judgment of God that came upon Adam, Eve and the serpent. Daniel comes from the Hebrew name דָּנִיֵּאל ‘daniyel’ which means God is my Judge.


Tompkins was baptized Daniel Tompkins, but added the middle initial “D” while a student at Columbia College to distinguish himself from another Daniel Tompkins there. The Letter D comes from the Hebrew letter ד ‘dalet’ which means a door or gate. This continues the theme of judgment as in Biblical times, judges sat at the gates of the city (Deuteronomy 16:18).


Tompkins comes from the name Tom, a diminutive of Thomas and the word kin, meaning family. This is speaking of the ‘family’ of Adam and Eve, who allowed the serpent to bring forth doubt (Thomas – John 20:24-27) into Paradise questioning God (hath God said – Genesis 3:1) and bringing forth the judgment of God upon them.


Further connecting this is the English word ‘kin’ meaning family which traces back to the Hebrew word כן ‘ken.’ This word literally depicts a seed planted into the ground that becomes a root, a firm foundation. In Genesis 3 we see two seeds which lead to two foundations of two houses of peoples. The seed of the woman who would become the House of God versus the seed of the serpent who would become the children of disobedience.

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The Presidents Code

The Presidents Code

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