The Presidents Code – Speaker of the House Theodore Sedgwick

The Presidents Code – Theodore Sedgwick

Speaker of the House Theodore Sedgwick Federalist - 12/2/1799-3/4/1801
Speaker of the House Theodore Sedgwick
Federalist – 12/2/1799-3/4/1801

Theodore Sedgwick was elected to the House of Representatives in 1789 and served until 1796. In 1796 he was elected as Senator where he became President Pro Tempore as seen earlier in a previous article. In 1798 he was re-elected into the House of Representatives where he would be appointed as Speaker in December of 1799. He is one of the few men to sit as head of both houses of Congress. He continued in the role of Speaker until the end of John Adams’ Presidency.


As seen in the previous article, Theodore Sedgwick’s name is a picture of Adam being given the Garden of Eden, and Eve as a gift from God. He was commanded to keep and dress this land that ‘flows with milk and honey.’ Sedgwick would lose his seat as Speaker due to the Revolution of 1800 which saw the election of Thomas Jefferson whose Presidency portrayed the infiltration of the Garden by the serpent leading to Adam losing possession of this gift from God.

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The Presidents Code

The Presidents Code

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