The Presidents Code – Speaker of the House Robert M.T. Hunter

The Presidents Code – Speaker of the House Robert M.T. Hunter

Speaker of the House Robert M.T. Hunter Whig 12/16/1839-3/4/1841
Speaker of the House Robert M.T. Hunter
Whig 12/16/1839-3/4/1841

Robert M.T. Hunter was elected to the position of Speaker of the House during the 26th Congress despite a Democrat majority. Democrats remained in control of Congress with William R. King continuing as President Pro Tempore. Democrats controlled the House but this did not prevent a Whig, Robert M.T. Hunter from obtaining the position of Speaker. The Panic of 1837 had allowed Whigs to make gains in Congress during the 1836 election and ultimately led to a Whig majority in both Houses in the next election.


Robert Hunter’s name is also referring to Cain who was of the wicked one, the first murderer. Robert comes from the Germanic name ‘Hrodebert’ which is a combination of the words ‘hrod’ meaning fame and ‘beraht’ which means bright. Bright fame or name.


Mercer comes from the Old French ‘mercier’ which was derived from the Latin word ‘mercarius’ both meaning ‘merchandise.’ In the Scriptures, merchandise links to the deception of the adversary. This is seen in Ezekiel chapter 28 verses 15-19 where the iniquity of the adversary is spoken of and is associated as traffick or merchandise that he defiled himself with.


This also refers to Cain, the ‘seed of the serpent,’ whose name meaning is speaking of something acquired, or merchandise. The name Cain comes from the Hebrew word קנה ‘qanah’ which means to purchase an item, or a possession that has been purchased.


Taliaferro means an ironcutter in Italian. This is also speaking of Cain and his descendants. Another meaning of קין ‘qayin’ or Cain is a smith, which is an occupation where one forms or ‘cuts’ metals into a desired shape.


Hunter is from an Old English word ‘hunta’ meaning a hunter. A hunter is one who kills. This of course is what Cain is famous for (Genesis 4:5-8).


Robert Hunter’s term as Speaker continued through the entire Presidency of William Henry Harrison which only lasted 1 month, March 4th to April 4th 1841. William Henry Harrison’s name is speaking of armies and warfare between men. This too traces to Cain.


Further connecting Hunter to Cain is their rebellion. Cain rebelled against God as did Hunter who joined the Confederacy during the Civil War where he would serve as Jefferson Davis’ Secretary of State and later hold the position of President Pro Tempore of the Confederate States Senate.

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The Presidents Code

The Presidents Code

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