The Presidents Code – Speaker of the House Henry Clay (3)

The Presidents Code – Speaker of the House Henry Clay (3)

Speaker of the House Henry Clay Democratic-Republican 12/1/1823-3/4/1825
Speaker of the House Henry Clay
Democratic-Republican 12/1/1823-3/4/1825

Henry Clay’s name meaning is speaking of Adam being cast out of the Garden and taking up a home outside of Paradise. This was Clay’s third term as Speaker of the House. On a deeper level Clay’s third term is significant in its occurrence during James Monroe‘s term in office. The Hebrew word for three is שלש ‘shalosh’ which is associated with war in that one of the Hebrew words for captain is שליש ‘shaliysh’ which depicts a leader of over 30. שליש ‘shaliysh’ is also the Hebrew word for a triangular instrument.


Previously, it was seen that Vice President Daniel Tompkins‘ name displayed the judgment of God and was associated with the letter ד ‘dalet’ in Hebrew. The Ancient Hebrew depiction of the letter ד ‘dalet’ was in the form of a triangle, picturing a tent door. Again we see the theme of the judgment of God and the warfare between the seeds.

Clay’s election to the Speaker of the House for the third time is also significant as it ultimately led to the election of John Quincy Adams as President. The 1824 election saw four candidates run for office from the Democratic-Republican party which prevented any of the four from gaining the majority of electoral votes needed to obtain the White House. Clay ran for the Presidency in 1824 receiving the third most votes and fourth most electoral votes.

Andrew Jackson obtained the most popular votes as well as the most electoral votes but due to not obtaining a majority was not elected as President. The choice for President then went to the House of Representatives where Henry Clay resided as the Speaker. Clay got the House to support John Quincy Adams which led to him becoming the 6th President. Adams appointed Clay as his Secretary of State, which at that time made him the ‘heir apparent’ to the Presidency as the last four Presidents had been Secretaries of State in the previous administration.

These actions on the part of Henry Clay divided the Democratic-Republican party into two sects. One who supported Clay and Adams and another who supported Jackson. Andrew Jackson accused Clay and Adams of making a “corrupt bargain” and began campaigning on this claim for the next four years. Jackson would defeat John Quincy Adams in the 1828 election beginning the domination of Democratic party which formed behind Jackson for the next thirty years.

This conflict between Jackson and Clay/Adams was the beginning of the 2nd Party system in America which corresponded with Adam’s exile and the days of Noah.

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The Presidents Code

The Presidents Code

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