The Presidents Code – President Pro Tempore Theodore Sedgwick

The Presidents Code – President Pro Tempore Theodore Sedgwick

President Pro TemporeTheodore Sedgwick Federalist – 6/27/1798-12/5/1798
President Pro TemporeTheodore Sedgwick
Federalist – 6/27/1798-12/5/1798


Theodore Sedgwick was Representative to Congress from 1789-1796 and then became a Senator from 1796-1799 in which he would serve as President Pro Tempore. He would return to the House of Representatives in 1799 where he would later become Speaker of the House. In 1802, Sedgwick was appointed as justice to the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts where he would remain until his death.


Theodore Sedgwick’s name is a picture of Adam being given the Garden of Eden, and Eve as a gift from God. He was commanded to keep and guard this land that ‘flows with milk and honey.’


Theodore comes from the Greek name Θεοδωρος Theodoros which means ‘gift of God.’ θεος theos‘ means God and δωρον doron‘ means gift. This is pointing to both the Garden of Eden and Eve which were given as gifts to Adam from God.


Sedgwick is of Old English origin and means ‘sword place.’ This can be speaking of a sharp, reed-like grass or an actual weapon. This corresponds to the Hebrew word for ‘keeping’ or ‘guarding’ which is שמר ‘shamar.’ Literally, the word שמר ‘shamar’ is the picture of a shepherd who sets up a corral of briers at night to protect his flock from predators.

Genesis 2:15 And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.


Sedgwick also traces back to the Old Norse word ‘sicg,’ which  means victory, and the Olde English ‘wic,’ which is an outlying settlement of a dairy farm. Here we see another reference to the ‘dairy farm.’ A picture of the land flowing with milk and honey.  This “dairy farm” parable is spoken of in more detail in the article on Jonathan Dayton.

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The Presidents Code

The Presidents Code

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