The Presidents Code – President Pro Tempore John Langdon

The Presidents Code – President Pro Tempore John Langdon

President Pro Tempore John Langdon
President Pro Tempore John Langdon Pro-Administration – 4/1/1789-3/4/1791


The position of President Pro Tempore is the second highest ranking position of the Senate behind the Vice President. The job of the President Pro Tempore is to be the Presiding Officer of the Senate when the Vice President is absent. Hence the name Pro Tempore as it is a Latin phrase meaning “for the time being”. At this time in history, the President Pro Tempore was second in line of Presidential succession.

Before the 17th Amendment which was passed in May of 1913, Senators were chosen by State legislatures not by popular vote as is done today. This another aspect of the “code” which reveals the amazing glory of the Lord as each of the leaders of the three branches of government obtain their positions differently. The President and Vice Presidents are chosen by the electoral college, Senators by elected officials in their state with members of the House of Representatives being chose by the popular vote in the respective districts of their states.  There are different paths to leadership, but the Lord uses them all for His purposes.


At this time in history there were no political parties. Politicians were divided into two camps consisting of the ‘Pro-Administration’ group who would later form the Federalists versus the ‘Anti-Administration’ camp who would form the Democratic-Republican party. President Washington was supported by both sides but has been portrayed as leaning more to the Federalist camp. The division came between those who agreed with Alexander Hamilton’s desire for a stronger Federal government (Federalists) and those who agreed with Thomas Jefferson’s desire for states to have more power (Democratic-Republicans). These two views would be at the core of politics for the first thirty years of America’s history. John Langdon was amongst those who adhered to Hamilton’s view.


Like Washington, Adams and Muhlenberg, Langdon had a strong faith in the Word of God. He was president of the New Hampshire Bible Society. An example of Langdon bringing his faith into the public venue is his “Proclamation for General Thanksgiving” he issued in 1785 as governor of New Hampshire.


“It therefore becomes our indispensable Duty, not only to acknowledge… our dependence on the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, but as a People peculiarly favoured, to testify our Gratitude to the Author of all our Mercies, in the most solemn and public manner. …to celebrate the Praises of our divine Benefactor; to acknowledge our own Unworthiness, confess our manifold Transgressions, implore his Forgiveness, and intreat the continuance of those Favours which he had been graciously pleaded to bestow upon us; that he would inspire our Rulers with Wisdom, prosper our Trade and Commerce, smile upon our Husbandry, bless our Seminaries of Learning, and spread the Gospel of his Grace over all the Earth. And all servile Labour is forbidden on said Day.”


Langdon’s name meaning is speaking of Adam dwelling in the Garden of Eden, the land of Liberty. As mentioned earlier, John means the camp of Yah. This is speaking of believers in God as well as the Promised land in which they live, in this context the Garden of Eden.


Langdon is a variant of Landon. Landon is from the Old English meaning ‘long hill.’ In Hebrew the word for long is רחב ‘rachav’ which also means freedom. The Garden of Eden was the epitome of a land of freedom. The United States was established to be a land of freedom, based upon the principles of man walking in ‘Christian Liberty.’


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The Presidents Code

The Presidents Code

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