The Presidents Code – John F. Kennedy (summary)

The Presidents Code – John F. Kennedy

John F Kennedy

This is a summary of how John F. Kennedy fits into the Presidents Code parable.  For a more thorough explanation see: The Presidents Code – The John F. Kennedy Presidency

The Presidents Code is a ‘cypher’ based upon the name meanings of the U.S. Presidents. Amazingly, their name meanings tell the story of the Biblical text, from the beginning of creation unto the coming of Messiah. In and of itself this is an incredible display of the Hand of God directing the course of history in America. However, this is just the start. Based upon the premise of this code, it is seen that the very characters of the Presidents, from their personal characters to the events that occurred during their Presidencies reveal in parable form the exact same events of the Biblical narrative of which their name meanings describe.


In the Presidents Code, John F. Kennedy‘s name meaning is speaking of the deliverance of Israel from Egypt by the Right Hand of the Most High where He uses Moses as His representative.

John means the camp of God which is referring to Israel.

Fitzgerald is from the French-Norman name ‘fils de Gérald’ meaning the son of Gerald.  Gerald comes from ‘ger’ meaning spear and ‘wald’ meaning ruler.  Recall that in Hebrew, the rod of the shepherd is also his ‘spear.’  Moses was sent with the Rod of God (Exodus 4:20) to deliver Israel from Pharaoh. The spear is also pointing to the righteousness of Phinehas and the victory of Israel in the wilderness over Midian, Sihon and Og.

Kennedy is the Anglicized form of ‘Ó Cinnéidigh’ meaning descendant of Cennetig.  Cennetig means ‘armored head.’  An armored head is pointing back to the concept mentioned previously in this book of the ‘helmet of salvation.’ The helmet of salvation is Messiah (Isaiah 59:16-17), His Right Hand which delivered Israel from Egypt (Exodus 15:1-6; Psalm 98:1-3; 110:1; 118:14-16; Isaiah 52:10; 53:1; Matthew 26:64; Acts 5:31).

Here we see in JFK’s Presidency the ancient conflict between the Seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent (Genesis 3:15). The Seed of the woman is promised to crush the head of the serpent. This is ultimately fulfilled in the crucifixion of the Messiah but seen in shadow picture form in the deliverance of Israel from Egypt where the head of Leviathan is crushed (Psalm 74:14).

The Arm of the Lord is the Angel of His Presence who redeemed Israel from Egypt (Isaiah 63:5, 8-9). This is the Angel that appeared to Moses in the burning bush (Acts 7:35) and spoke to him at Mt. Sinai (Acts 7:37-38; Deuteronomy 33:32)

The Presidency of John F. Kennedy continues the picture of Israel’s deliverance from Egypt, and being guided through the wilderness by the Angel of the Lord. His Presidency transitions to the second generation of Israel who would be led into Canaan and inherit the promises their fathers were given by the God.

The name meanings of Kennedy and the other heads of government during his Presidency is depicted in story form as such:

The camp of God is delivered from Egypt by the Rod of God and is given victory over their enemies in the wilderness. They put on the helmet of salvation, which is the Right Hand of the Most High, the Angel who redeemed them from all evil and gave them the law at Mt. Sinai. The vine of Israel, the righteous bride of the Lord is planted in the land. The camp of God, delivered from the iron furnace of Egypt after God hears their cries. They are delivered from slavery to inherit the promised land. The camp of God is victorious over their enemies because they put their trust in His salvation.

The above ‘story’ comes from the following names:

President John F. Kennedy 1961-1963

Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson 1961-1963

House Speaker Sam Rayburn 1955-1961

House Speaker John William McCormack 1962-1971

White House Chief of Staff Kenneth O’Donnell 1961-1965

Kennedy’s Presidency represented the youth of America, the ‘new generation,’ corresponding with the second generation of Israel in the wilderness. His Presidency was defined by the Civil Rights Movement which displays the Word of God given through Moses and his assassination which depicted Israel’s deliverance from rebellion by the serpent on a pole, a foreshadowing of the crucifixion of Messiah. His Presidency also saw an escalation in the Cold War which points to the wars which Israel began to engage in with the Canaanites.


Updated Version will include:
President        John F. Kennedy        1/20/1961-11/22/1963    Democratic
Vice President        Lyndon B. Johnson        1/20/1961-11/22/1963    Democratic
House Speaker        Sam Rayburn    continued    1/3/1955-11/16/1961    Democratic
President Pro Tempore       Carl Hayden    continued    1/3/1957-1/3/1969    Democratic
Senate Majority Leader       Mike Mansfield        1/3/1961-1/3/1977    Democratic
Chief of Staff        Kenneth O’Donnell        1/20/1961-11/22/1963
House Speaker        John William McCormack     1/10/1962-1/3/1971    Democratic




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