The Presidents Code – Jimmy Carter (summary)

The Presidents Code – Jimmy Carter

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This is a summary of how Jimmy Carter fits into the Presidents Code parable.  For a more thorough explanation see: The Presidents Code – The Jimmy Carter Presidency

The Presidents Code is a ‘cypher’ based upon the name meanings of the U.S. Presidents. Amazingly, their name meanings tell the story of the Biblical text, from the beginning of creation unto the coming of Messiah. In and of itself this is an incredible display of the Hand of God directing the course of history in America. However, this is just the start. Based upon the premise of this code, it is seen that the very characters of the Presidents, from their personal characters to the events that occurred during their Presidencies reveal in parable form the exact same events of the Biblical narrative of which their name meanings describe.


In the Presidents Code, Jimmy Carter‘s name meaning is speaking of King David, in particular the wars and conflicts of which David experienced throughout his life.

James is the English form of the Latin name ‘Iacomus’ from the Greek Ιακωβος ‘Iakobos’ which comes from the Hebrew name יעקב ‘yaakov’ or Jacob. As seen throughout this book, the name James/Jacob is associated with conflict and war. This defines the time period of King David, the ‘man of war’ (1 Chronicles 28:3).

Earl comes from the Old English ‘eorl’ meaning a nobleman or warrior.

Carter is from an English surname meaning one who uses a cart.  A cart is a vehicle designed for transport. Here we see a warrior or nobleman of Jacob associated with a cart.  The only time the word ‘cart’ is used in Scripture is in reference to the cart used to transport the ark of the covenant back from the Philistines during the days of David, the noble warrior king of Israel (1Samuel 6:7-14; 2 Samuel 6:3; 1 Chronicles 13:7).

Jimmy Carter’s Presidency is a picture of the days of King David, in particular the struggles which he experienced throughout his life. David was a man after the Lord’s own heart (1 Samuel 13:14) but experienced conflict throughout his days. So too, Jimmy Carter is a devout Christian whose actions reflect his profession as a follower of Christ, yet it seemed no matter what he did as President, success was not attained during his residency in the Oval office. However, many of the policies that he implemented were continued by succeeding Presidents with success.

As a shepherd David fought wild beasts (1 Samuel 17:34) and giants (1 Samuel 17:40-51). He escaped the attempts on his life by the hands of King Saul (1 Samuel 18:8-15; 19:1, 19-10; 23:7-28; 24:1-22; 26:1-25). He was anointed king by the House of Judah while the rest of the nation rejected him (2 Samuel 2:1-9) but later gained their support (2 Samuel 3:36). His days as king were filled with war (1 Chronicles 28:3; 2 Samuel 5:17-25; 7:1-15; 10:1-19; 11:1). He had to overcome a coup d’état by his son (2 Samuel 15-18) followed by a rebellion by Sheba (2 Samuel 20:1-22), famine (2 Samuel 21:1) and pestilence (2 Samuel 24:15-25). However, in all these things David was successful through the help of the Lord (2 Samuel 22:1-3).

Jimmy Carter’s Presidency is speaking of the days of David in particular the struggles and conflicts which he experienced throughout his life. David was raised from obscurity as a shepherd, to fame by defeating Goliath only to live in the wilderness as a fugitive. He would overcome all his trials by faith in God, to be set up as King over all Israel.

The name meanings of Carter and the other heads of government during his Presidency is depicted in story form as such:

The ‘man of war’ David defeats the enemies of Israel and brings the Ark of the Covenant out of captivity. The Captain of Israel who spent his days in warfare would now be given rest from his enemies round about. He began his leadership in Israel as a young shepherd through a conflict with Goliath in a valley. As a king, he was given victory over the nation of the Philistines at the valley of Rephaim. The warfare that existed between the Rephaim and Israel that lasted throughout the years of Saul and David was now over. David was the warrior poet who became king and ruled at Mt. Zion.

The above ‘story’ comes from the following names:

President Jimmy Carter 1977-1981

Vice President Walter Mondale 1977-1981

House Speaker Tip O’Neill 1977-1987

White House Chief of Staff Hamilton Jordan 1979-1980

Carter’s Presidency depicts the life of King David, in particular the struggles which he experienced throughout his life. Carter experienced numerous challenges and failures as President, but never wavered from his walk as a devout believer in Christ. David endured continual trials throughout his life but never wavered from his walk with God, leading him to be described as a man after the Lord’s own heart. Carter’s greatest achievement was the Camp David Accords, which depicted David’s greatest desire of building the Lord a House.
Updated Version will include: 
President        Jimmy Carter            1/20/1977-1/20/1981    Democratic
Vice President        Walter Mondale        1/20/1977-1/20/1981    Democratic
House Speaker        Tip O’Neill            1/4/1977-1/3/1987    Democratic
President Pro Tempore       James Eastland   continued    7/28/1972-12/27/1978    Democratic
Senate Majority Leader       Robert Byrd            1/3/1977-1/3/1981    Democratic
President Pro Tempore        Warren Magnuson        1/15/1979-12/3/1980    Democratic
Chief of Staff        Hamilton Jordan        7/18/1979-6/11/1980
Chief of Staff        Jack Watson            6/11/1980-1/20/1981
President Pro Tempore  Milton Young            12/5/1980        Republican
President Pro Tempore       Warren Magnuson        12/5/1980-1/3/1981    Democratic



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The Presidents Code

The Presidents Code

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