The Presidents Code – James Monroe

The Presidents Code – James Monroe

Name Meanings of the Monroe Presidency in story form:

The enmity between the Seed of the woman and the serpent is brought forth as judgment from God because Adam and Eve allowed the doubt brought forth by the adversary to deceive them into disobeying the Lord. God judged Adam and Eve and the serpent and declared that there would be war between them. Adam would be exiled from the Garden and would return to the dust from whence he came when he died. Yet, in this punishment there was still hope for a Redeemer, the Seed of the woman. Adam’s sin brought slavery and death to the world but in His grace, God promised a Savior to free mankind from this plight. This Redeemer would bring freedom from slavery through His death. However, until the coming of this Savior, mankind would still be under the penalty of death and exile from Paradise.

President James Monroe Democratic-Republican 3/4/1817-3/4/1825
President James Monroe
Democratic-Republican 3/4/1817-3/4/1825

Like Madison before him, James Monroe ascended to the Presidency from the position of Secretary of State. He was supported for President by both Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and soundly defeated Rufus King for the Presidency gaining nearly 70% of the popular vote in the 1816 election. During his first term in office the ‘Era of Good Feelings’ was established in which the Federalist party faded away and left the Democratic-Republican party as the sole party of the nation. As a result, Monroe ran unopposed in the 1820 election, the last time this would ever happen.


The name meaning of James Monroe is a continuation of the meaning seen in Madison‘s Presidency of warfare between the Seed of the woman and the serpent and his seed.


The name James refers to battle. The theme of the warfare between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent continues.

James comes from the Hebrew name יעקב ‘yaakov’ or Jacob which means the one who grabs the heel.  This word is related to battle in the sense of a conflict between two parties. יעקב ‘yaakov’ comes from the root word עקב ‘aqav’ which means heel as in the heel of the Seed of the woman which would be bruised by the serpent (Genesis 3:15) and is also translated as ‘subtlety’ as seen in 2 Kings 10:19. Further linking to the war with the serpent is that עקב ‘aqav’ is associated with poisonous creatures which bite at men’s heels such as scorpions, serpents and spiders.


Monroe means ‘from the mouth of the Roe,’ which is a river in Ireland.  Roe comes from the Irish word ‘rua’ meaning red.  This is linked to blood, the river of life. The word for red in Hebrew is אדום ‘adom’ which comes from the root דם ‘dam’ which means blood. Literally, דם ‘dam’ is speaking of a liquid which flows through a door as seen in the human body where blood flows through the valves of the heart. The name Adam (as in Adam & Eve) is אדם ‘adam’ in Hebrew and comes from the same Hebrew root.  Further linking this concept is that word ‘roe’ also means the ‘fully ripe internal egg in the ovaries’ of a female.  Yet another connection to the battle of the two seeds (Genesis 3:15).

Artist Emanuel Leutze's famous painting "Washington Crossing the Delaware." James Monroe is pictured here holding the American flag.
Artist Emanuel Leutze’s famous painting “Washington Crossing the Delaware.” James Monroe is pictured here holding the American flag.

James Monroe was the last of the ‘Revolutionary War heroes’ who would be President. He was also the first President who was not open about his belief in God. Here we see a transition from the first four Presidents who pictured Adam in the Garden who walked with God to the separation that occurred when Adam sinned. Monroe was also the last President of of the ‘First Party System’ which displayed Adam’s days in the Garden.

Monroe doctrine

James Monroe is best known for the Monroe doctrine which declared that the United States would not intermeddle in the concerns of European nations but at the same time would not tolerate their intermeddling with our affairs. This further displays the conflict between man and the serpent as Europe was named after the Greek goddess Europa. Europa is depicted as a woman riding a beast. This is the imagery displayed in the Book of Revelation in relation to the Whore of Babylon, the enemy of true believers throughout history.


Revelation 17:3 So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.

Revelation 17:4 And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:

Revelation 17:5 And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

Revelation 17:6 And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.

Notice that Mystery Babylon is associated with spilling the blood of believers. The meaning of Monroe’s name is speaking of this red blood. Again, the warfare between the two seeds is seen.

monroe secretary of state and war

Monroe was the Secretary of State and War in the Madison administration. He continued the ‘Era of Good Feelings’ which began during Madison’s Presidency after the War of 1812. The Era of Good feelings was so named because it was a time when Americans sought unity in the ‘First Party System’ which was divided into the Democrat-Republicans and the Federalist parties. Monroe wanted to ‘amalgamate’ the two parties and eliminate party politics from the nation.

Amalgamation is a mixing. Mixing in Hebrew is seen in the word בלל ‘balal’ from whence comes the word בבל ‘babel’ or Babylon. Interestingly, Monroe’s desire to unite the nation actually led to the ‘fall of the Old Republic.’ So too, it was the eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, or the tree of mixture that led to the Fall of Man.

monroe inaugural

In his Inaugural addresses, James Monroe recounted the first forty years of America’s history and attempts to explain the reasons behind America’s success as a nation. Monroe attributed this success to the Republican form of government which is based upon man’s ability to self-govern himself.


“From the commencement of our Revolution to the present day almost forty years have elapsed, and from the establishment of this Constitution twenty-eight. Through this whole term the Government has been what may emphatically be called self-government. And what has been the effect? To whatever object we turn our attention, whether it relates to our foreign or domestic concerns, we find abundant cause to felicitate ourselves in the excellence of our institutions. During a period fraught with difficulties and marked by very extraordinary events the United States have flourished beyond example. Their citizens individually have been happy and the nation prosperous.”

“In explaining my sentiments on this subject it may be asked, What raised us to the present happy state? How did we accomplish the Revolution? How remedy the defects of the first instrument of our Union, by infusing into the National Government sufficient power for national purposes, without impairing the just rights of the States or affecting those of individuals? How sustain and pass with glory through the late war? The Government has been in the hands of the people. To the people, therefore, and to the faithful and able depositaries of their trust is the credit due. Had the people of the United States been educated in different principles, had they been less intelligent, less independent, or less virtuous, can it be believed that we should have maintained the same steady and consistent career or been blessed with the same success? While, then, the constituent body retains its present sound and healthful state everything will be safe. They will choose competent and faithful representatives for every department. It is only when the people become ignorant and corrupt, when they degenerate into a populace, that they are incapable of exercising the sovereignty. Usurpation is then an easy attainment, and an usurper soon found. The people themselves become the willing instruments of their own debasement and ruin. Let us, then, look to the great cause, and endeavor to preserve it in full force. Let us by all wise and constitutional measures promote intelligence among the people as the best means of preserving our liberties.” {James Monroe – 1st Inaugural Address}

Self government is the basis upon which a republic is founded. It is the ability of man to govern himself by the law of God according to his understanding thereof. In the Scriptures, self-government is translated as ‘temperance’ from the Greek word ἐγκράτειαegkrateia.’ It is one of the fruits of the Spirit, against which there is no law (Galatians 5:23). If men self govern themselves according to the Word of God they are blessed and at peace (Deuteronomy 11:26-27). If they turn away from His Word, they open the door to sin (Genesis 4:7) and the accuser, or usurper to enter their lives (Revelation 12:10). This principle is at the core of the war between the seeds of which Monroe’s Presidency portrays (Revelation 12:11, 17).

seminole war

During Monroe’s administration, the First Seminole War occurred which brought national fame to Andrew Jackson and resulted in Spain ceding Florida to the United States through the Adams-Onís treaty. Here we see the next two Presidents, John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson brought into the narrative. After the treaty, Adams authored the Monroe Doctrine which would become the basis for America’s foreign policy and continues in varying interpretations to the current day. Both Adams‘ and Jackson‘s Presidencies continue the storyline of the war between the seeds, albeit in a different manner as their presidencies portray this war continuing outside of the Garden as opposed to Madison and Monroe who displayed the proclamation of the war within Paradise.


Further connecting the acquisition of Florida with the war of the seeds is the meaning behind the name Florida. Florida gets its name from the Spanish phrase “Pascua florida” which means flowering Easter, a Spanish name for Palm Sunday. Florida was named as such because it was discovered on Palm Sunday in 1513 by Ponce de León. Easter is a remembrance of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the fulfillment of the war declared in Genesis 3:15.

missouri compromise

The Missouri Compromise, known as the Compromise of 1820 was also passed during Monroe’s Presidency which would begin the conflict over slavery between the North and the South which would dominate the next era in American politics known as the 2nd Party System.


The issue of slavery is at the core of the war between the Seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent. Sin and death is the slavery which the serpent brought to mankind (John 8:34). Being set free from this slavery can only come from the Seed of the woman, Jesus Christ (John 8:31-36; Galatians 3:16, 22-27).


Thomas Jefferson correctly wrote that this bill would lead to the destruction of the Union.

“…but this momentous question, like a fire bell in the night, awakened and filled me with terror. I considered it at once as the knell of the Union. it is hushed indeed for the moment. but this is a reprieve only, not a final sentence. A geographical line, coinciding with a marked principle, moral and political, once conceived and held up to the angry passions of men, will never be obliterated; and every new irritation will mark it deeper and deeper.” {Letter to John Holmes 4/22/1820}

monroe jefferson

Like James Madison, James Monroe was also a good friend of Thomas Jefferson. Monroe studied law under Thomas Jefferson and would later be appointed by Jefferson as a diplomat to France. Along with Madison, Monroe was instrumental in the Louisiana Purchase. In the ‘code,’ the Louisiana Purchase was a picture of Adam being cast out of the Garden and spreading forth abroad. Monroe would later be appointed as Madison’s Secretary of War during the War of 1812 and after that his Secretary of State. This time period also points to the war between the seeds.

monroe madison jefferson

As with Jefferson and Madison, Monroe would also have financial problems after his presidency leading to a large debt in which he had to sell his family farm to the University of Virginia. Monroe would sit on this college’s Board of Visitors under Jefferson and Madison in yet another connection between the three.


Jefferson, Madison and Monroe all came from Virginia which is a further connection to the war between the seeds. Virginia gets its name from the Virgin Mary, from whence the Seed of the woman would come. It is this seed of the woman whom the dragon wars with (Revelation 12:1-5, 10-17).

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The Presidents Code

The Presidents Code

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