The Presidents Code – James Monroe (summary)

The Presidents Code – James Monroe

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This article is a summary of Monroe’s role in the Presidents Code parable.  For the full treatise see: The Presidents Code – James Monroe

The Presidents Code is a ‘cypher’ based upon the name meanings of the U.S. Presidents. Amazingly, their name meanings tell the story of the Biblical text, from the beginning of creation unto the coming of Messiah. In and of itself this is an incredible display of the Hand of God directing the course of history in America. However, this is just the start. Based upon the premise of this code, it is seen that the very characters of the Presidents, from their personal characters to the events that occurred during their Presidencies reveal in parable form the exact same events of the Biblical narrative of which their name meanings describe.


In the Presidents Code, the name meaning of James Monroe is a continuation of the meaning seen in Madison’s Presidency of warfare between the Seed of the woman and the serpent and his seed.

Again, the meaning of the name James refers to battle. The theme of the warfare between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent continues.

Monroe means ‘from the mouth of the Roe,’ which is a river in Ireland.  Roe comes from the Irish word ‘rua’ meaning red.  This is linked to blood, the river of life. The word for red in Hebrew is אדום ‘adom’ which comes from the root דם ‘dam’ which means blood. Literally, דם ‘dam’ is speaking of a liquid which flows through a door as seen in the human body where blood flows through the valves of the heart. Further linking this concept is that word ‘roe’ also means the ‘fully ripe internal egg in the ovaries’ of a female.  Yet another connection to the battle of the two seeds (Genesis 3:15).

James Monroe was the last of the ‘Revolutionary War heroes’ who would be President. He was also the first President who was not open about his belief in God. Here we see a transition from the first four Presidents who pictured Adam in the Garden who walked with God to the separation that occurred when Adam sinned. Monroe was also the last President of of the ‘First Party System’ which displays Adam’s days in the Garden.

The name meanings of Monroe and the other heads of government during his Presidency is depicted in story form as such:

The enmity between the Seed of the woman and the serpent is brought forth as judgment from God because Adam and Eve allowed the doubt brought forth by the adversary to deceive them into disobeying the Lord.  God judged Adam and Eve and the serpent and declared that there would be war between them. Adam would be exiled from the Garden and would return to the dust from whence he came when he died.  Yet, in this punishment there was still hope for a Redeemer, the Seed of the woman.  Adam’s sin brought slavery and death to the world but in His grace, God promised a Savior to free mankind from this plight.  This Redeemer would bring freedom from slavery through His death.  However, until the coming of this Savior, mankind would still be under the penalty of death and exile from Paradise.

The above ‘story’ comes from the following names:

President James Monroe: War between the Seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent is decreed.

Vice President Daniel D. Tompkins: God judges Adam, Eve and the serpent.

Speaker of the House Henry Clay:  Adam is cast out of the Garden.

President Pro Tempore John Gaillard: In His grace, God promises a deliverer to Adam and Eve who would defeat the serpent.

President Pro Tempore James Barbour: The war between the seeds begins as Adam is cast out of the Garden.

President Pro Tempore John Gaillard: Adam is promised victory over the serpent and the path back to Paradise.

Speaker of the House John W. Taylor: The war between the seeds would culminate in the Seed of the woman being pierced by nails revealing God’s grace to mankind.

Speaker of the House Philip Pendleton Barbour: Mankind is now at war with the evil one, walking in a foreign land separated from God.

Speaker of the House Henry Clay: Man would dwell in exile from the Garden and return to the dust at death.

Monroe was the last of the Revolutionary War heroes whose Presidency saw the end of the First Party System which depicted the days of Adam in the Garden. Through an attempt to unify the Federalists and Democrat-Republicans, the fall of the ‘Old Republic’ was seen paving the way for a new era in American history. This mixture of parties corresponded with the mixture of the tree of knowledge of good and evil which led to Adam and Eve being exiles and a ‘new era’ in the history of man commencing.




The Presidents Code

The Presidents Code

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