The Presidents Code – 1800 Election

The Presidents Code – 1800 Election

Jefferson & Burr

The 1800 Election became known as the “Revolution of 1800” as Thomas Jefferson defeated incumbent John Adams to become President and saw the Democratic-Republican party take control of both Houses of Congress. After this election there would never again be a Federalist at the head of government. Chief Justice John Marshall was a Federalist but Justices are not considered to be a part of political parties. Democratic-Republicans were able to successfully portray themselves as the party of the common man and set up the Federalists as the party of the aristocracy. This tactic brought them control of government for the next 25 years until the end of James Monroe’s Presidency and the rise of two new political factions which would form out of the Democratic-Republican party.


In the Presidents Code, the name meanings in this election moved the storyline from Adam in the Garden to the serpent’s infiltration of that Garden.

The 1800 election was the first in which President and Vice President ran on the same ‘ticket,’ however the voting system did not provide a separation in the votes which caused Thomas Jefferson and his running mate Aaron Burr to both receive 73 electoral votes.  This led the election to be decided by the House of Representatives which was still controlled by Federalists who despised Jefferson and blamed him for losing their jobs as Democratic-Republicans took control of Congress in the election of 1800. The “lame duck” Congress knew that Burr was only running as Vice President but they continued to give him enough votes to prevent Jefferson from becoming President.  Eventually, over the course of a week and 36 ballots, Jefferson was elected as President.

This election and the election of 1796 led to the 12th Amendment which established separate Electoral College ballots for president and vice president.

John Adams 1800

John Adams Presidency displayed the picture of Adam in the Garden of Eden.  During his Presidency, Thomas Jefferson was Vice President due to the former rules in the election process.  In this election, Adams’ running mate was Charles Cotesworth Pinckney.

Charles Cotesworth Pinckney

Charles comes from the Germanic name ‘Karl’ which means man.  This name points to the first man in the Garden as the name Adam means man.

Cotesworth is an English surname which denoted a location called “Cota’s worp” in Old English.  Cota has the meaning of an animal den and worp speaks of the act of giving birth in mammals.  This points to God desiring to give Adam a “help-meet,” bringing forth the animals to Adam and then the creation of the first woman Eve (Genesis 2:18-23). Interestingly, this was the parable seen in Thomas Jefferson’s name while Vice President during Adams’ Presidency.

Some believe the name Cotesworth has the meaning of a cottage in the woods.  This would picture the Garden of Eden, a place of trees (Genesis 1:29; 2:9, 16-17; 3:2), in particular the tree of life and the tree of knowledge.

Pinckney has the meaning of “someone from Pincino’s village”.  Pincino has an obscure meaning which the author has yet to find.  That fact that this name is “hidden” points to the time period of Adam and Eve in the Garden and their fall due to eating from the tree of knowledge.  Due to their sin, Adam and Eve hid from God and tried to conceal their sin (Genesis 3:8-10; Proverbs 28:12-13).

Here in Pinckney’s name is seen that the narrative of Adam and Eve in the Garden would have continued with the focus, perhaps, on their choice of obeying God and only eating from the trees they were allotted or disobeying God and partaking of the tree of knowledge.  The Presidency of Jefferson points to the wrong choice that Adam and Eve made in eating of this forbidden fruit.  We’ll examine Jefferson & Burr’s name meanings in the following articles.

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