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All languages trace back to Hebrew.  According to the Holy Scriptures, all peoples spoke one language until the Tower of Babel when the languages were confused (Genesis 11:1). In the end there shall be one language again (Zephaniah 3:9).  What language will this be?  Many who have studied the origin of language believe this will be Hebrew.  This study of the origin of all languages tracing back to Hebrew is called Edenics. (See also Edenics.org)

The Hebrew language points to the Word, who is Messiah.  Each letter of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet, and each word in Hebrew points to Messiah.  Hence, every word of every language points to Messiah.  It is harder to see Him in English, or German or French than it is in the pure waters of Hebrew but He is seen nevertheless.

Book of Sirach Prologue
“Wherefore, let me entreat you to read it with favor and attention, and to pardon us, wherein we may seem to come shore of some words which we have labored to interpret.  For the same things uttered in Hebrew, and translated into another tongue, have not the same force in them: and not only these things, but the Law itself, and the Prophets , and the rest of the books, have no small difference, when they are spoken in their own language.

1611 AV translators
“Againe they were not out of the Hebrew fountain (wee speake of the Latine Translations of the Old Testament) but out of the Greeke streame, therefore the Greeke being not altogether cleare, the Laitine deriued from it must needs be muddie.”

Isaac Newton – The Language of the Prophets pg 14
“He that would understand a book written in a strange language must first learn the language…Such a language was that wherein the Prophets wrote, and the want of sufficient skill in that language is the main reason why they are so little understood.  John did not write in one language, Daniel in another, Isaiah in a third and the rest in others peculiar themselves, but they all write in one and the same mystical language…For the language of the Prophets, being Hieroglyphical, had affinity with that of the Egyptian priest and Eastern wise men, and therefore was anciently much better understood in the East than it is now in the West.  I received also much light in this search by the analogy between the world natural and the world polictic.  For the mystical language was founded in this analogy, and will be best understood by considering its original.

The Hebrew word for the Hebrew language is עברית ‘ivrit.’  עברית comes from the root בר which means ‘pure.’  Hebrew breaks down pictographically as thus:
ע ayin means to see
בר bet-resh is the word for Son
י yod is a hand
ת tav is a cross
The pictographs of the word עברית ‘ivrit’ means to ‘see the Son with hands on the cross.’  The Hebrew language was designed to reveal the Gospel.  It is through the work of Messiah on the cross that all mankind is brought back to the Father (Zephaniah 3:9).

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