The Presidents Code – Lyndon B. Johnson (summary)

The Presidents Code – Lyndon B. Johnson

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This is a summary of how Lyndon Johnson fits into the Presidents Code parable.  For a more thorough explanation see: The Presidents Code – The Lyndon B. Johnson Presidency

The Presidents Code is a ‘cypher’ based upon the name meanings of the U.S. Presidents. Amazingly, their name meanings tell the story of the Biblical text, from the beginning of creation unto the coming of Messiah. In and of itself this is an incredible display of the Hand of God directing the course of history in America. However, this is just the start. Based upon the premise of this code, it is seen that the very characters of the Presidents, from their personal characters to the events that occurred during their Presidencies reveal in parable form the exact same events of the Biblical narrative of which their name meanings describe.

In the Presidents Code, Lyndon Johnson‘s name is pointing to Israel going into the land of Israel and conquering the nations thereof. As Vice President, his name was speaking specifically of the first lands that Israel obtained from Sihon king of the Amorites and Og king of Bashan (Numbers 21:21-35). As President, his name is referring to the days of Moses delivering what would become the book of Deuteronomy to the people.

Lyndon comes from an surname which means ‘lime tree hill’ in Old English. The linden or lime tree is a picture of the vine of Israel (Isaiah 6:13), the Holy Seed from whence comes victory over the devil.

Isaiah 6:13 But yet a tenth shall be in it, and it shall return and be consumed like the terebinth and like the oak that in being felled yet has its stump (the holy seed is its stump).

The ‘terebinth’ seen here in Isaiah 6:13 is a teil tree which is a linden or lime tree. The word in Hebrew is הלא ‘elah’ which comes from the root לא ‘el’ which is commonly translated as God. Here is a beautiful picture of the Holy Seed, the BRANCH being God Himself (Jeremiah 23:5-6).

The association with the linden tree and Israel was seen in Abraham Lincoln’s name as well. If the reader recalls, Abraham Lincoln’s Presidency is a parable of the days of the Patriarch Abraham.

Lincoln traces back to a Brythonic word ‘lindo’ meaning a lake or pool which has the same meaning as the English word ‘linden’ speaking of a tree by rivers of water.

The tree by the rivers of water is a picture of the tree of life (Psalm 1:2-3; Revelation 22:2-3). The tree of life is pointing to the Messiah, the Seed of the woman who was promised to come through the lineage of Abraham (Galatians 3:16). The linden tree seen in Isaiah 6:13 is speaking of the remnant of Israel, the olive tree who are in the image and likeness of Messiah (Galatians 3:16-28).

Here we see Israel entering into Canaan as a foreshadowing of the ultimate victory promised in the beginning where the Seed of the woman would crush the head of the serpent (Genesis 3:15). This promise was passed down through the millenia and inherited by Abraham and his descendants.

Baines has three possible origins. The first is from the Gaelic ‘ban’ meaning fair or white. The second is from the Old English ‘ban’ meaning a bone. The third is from the Old French ‘bain’ meaning a bath. These meanings are speaking of Israel, the bride of the Lord, ‘bone of His bone’ (Genesis 2:23; Isaiah 54:5) who is ‘fair or white’ meaning righteous (Numbers 23:21) and ‘cleansed’ by the baptism of faith through the Red Sea (1 Corinthians 10:1-2) and circumcision of the heart (Deuteronomy 10:16).

Johnson means son of John, meaning the children the camp of God. Here we see a reference to the second generation of Israel in the wilderness who would be given victory over the nations of Canaan (Numbers 14:23-24; 26:63-65).

The Presidency of Lyndon Johnson was defined by his desire to create a ‘Great Society’ and the Vietnam War. The Great Society was based upon the idea of distributing the wealth of the nation to the poor and needy, education and equal rights. LBJ passed more legislation than any other President as a result of this Great Society concept. However, the Great Society that he desired to see come to pass never came to fruition due to America’s involvement in the Vietnam War.

Here in Johnson’s Presidency a parable of the children of Israel is seen. They are promised the land of Canaan, a ‘Great Society’ of prosperity where laws are given to take care of the poor and needy (Deuteronomy 14:29; 15:4-8; 16:11-14; 24:19-21; Leviticus 19:9-10, 32-34; 23:22). It was to be a land of wisdom based upon education in the law of God (Deuteronomy 4;6; 6:7; 11:19; 31:12-13). A land of equal rights (Exodus 12:49; Numbers 15:15-16, 29; Leviticus 19:33-34; 24:22). However, due to rebellion and mixing amongst the people of the land, they never fully experienced the blessings of the land and end up being cast out into exile (Deuteronomy 4:26; 8:19-20; 28:58-68; 29:25-28).

Lyndon B. Johnson’s Presidency is a picture of the camp of the Lord, the vine of God planted in the land of Canaan. Israel received His law and called to circumcise their hearts that they might be given victory over their enemies and dwell in the land promised to their fathers. They are called to be a noble vine, set up as God’s kings and priests in the Promised Land. Johnson’s Presidency depicts the book of Deuteronomy in particular.

The name meanings of Johnson and the other heads of government during his Presidency is depicted in story form as such:

The vine of Israel is delivered from Egypt, travels through the wilderness to be planted in the promised land. The camp of God, His bride, ‘bone of His bones’ is cleansed and made righteous by baptism of faith and circumcision of the heart. Israel is brought out of Egypt at the set time to receive His law, His wisdom. They are used to judge the nations of Canaan through war, thereby bringing peace to the land. The camp of God is given victory over the Canaanite nations by putting their faith in God. He sends His Angel to lead the army of Israel to victory. This noble vine, delivered from slavery in Egypt, is set up as God’s rod of iron ruling over the land. The Ruler of His army leads the camp of Israel into the promised land, a land of abundance, giving them victory in war and glorifying His name.

The above ‘story’ comes from the following names:

President Lyndon B. Johnson 1963-1969

Vice President Hubert Humphrey 1965-1969

House Speaker John William McCormack 1962-1971

White House Chief of Staff Kenneth O’Donnell 1961-1965

White House Chief of Staff W. Marvin Watson 1965-1968

White House Chief of Staff Jim Jones 1968


The Presidency of Johnson is defined by his desire to create a ‘Great Society’ and the Vietnam War. The Great Society depicts a paradisiacal state where prosperity is seen and the poor and needy are cared for. A land of wisdom based upon education and equal rights amongst all the inhabitants. This ‘Great Society’ concept is what Israel would have enjoyed but due to rebellion and mixing amongst the people of the land, they never fully experience the blessings of the land and end up being cast out into exile. The Vietnam War was LBJ’s downfall which depicts the aforementioned rebellion and mixing amongst the Canaanite nations that Israel fell into.


Updated Version:

President        Lyndon B. Johnson        11/22/1963-1/20/1969    Democratic
House Speaker        John William McCormack  cont.     1/10/1962-1/3/1971    Democratic
President Pro Tempore    Carl Hayden    continued    1/3/1957-1/3/1969    Democratic
Senate Majority Leader       Mike Mansfield  continued    1/3/1961-1/3/1977    Democratic
Chief of Staff        Kenneth O’Donnell  continued    1/20/1961-11/22/1963
Chief of Staff        William Watson        11/22/1963-4/26/1968
Vice President        Hubert Humphrey        1/20/1965-1/20/1969    Democratic
Chief of Staff        James Jones            4/27/1968-1/20/1969
President Pro Tempore       Richard Russell Jr.        1/3/1969-1/21/1971    Democratic



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The Presidents Code

The Presidents Code

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