Daily Tidbits 1/6/12 – Epiphany

‘Epiphany,’ which means appearance or manifestation, is celebrated by many Christians on this day.

“Western Christians commemorate principally (but not solely) the visitation of the Biblical Magi to the Baby Jesus, and thus Jesus’ physical manifestation to the Gentiles. Eastern Christians commemorate the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River, seen as his manifestation to the world as the Son of God.”

“The Koine Greek ἐπιφάνεια ‘epiphaneia’ derives from the verb “to appear” and means “appearance,” “manifestation.” In classical Greek it was used of the appearance of dawn, of an enemy in war, or of a manifestation of a god. In the Septuagint the word is used for a manifestation of the God of Israel (2 Maccabees 15:27). In the New Testament the word is used in 2 Timothy 1:10 to refer either to the birth of Christ[10] or to his appearance after his resurrection, and five times to refer to the Second Coming.”

Thayer Definition:
1) an appearing, appearance
Part of Speech: noun feminine
A Related Word by Thayer’s/Strong’s Number: from G2016

Following are the 5 verses where ἐπιφάνεια ‘epiphaneia’ occurs.

1Ti 6:14  that you keep the commandment spotless, blameless, until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ,
1Ti 6:15  who in His own time will reveal the blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings and Lord of lords,

1Ti 6:16  the only One having immortality, living in light that cannot be approached, whom no one of men saw, nor can see; to whom be honor and everlasting might. Amen.

2Ti 1:8  Then do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me, His prisoner. But suffer hardship with the gospel, according to the power of God,

2Ti 1:9  the One having saved us and having called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace given to us in Christ Jesus before eternal times,

2Ti 1:10  but now revealed through the appearance of our Savior, Jesus Christ, indeed making death of no effect, bringing life and incorruptibility to light through the gospel,

2Ti 1:11  for which I was appointed a herald and apostle and a teacher of nations.

2Ti 4:1  Then I solemnly witness before God and the Lord Jesus Christ, He being about to judge the living and dead at His appearance and His kingdom:

2Ti 4:2  preach the Word, be urgent in season, out of season, convict, warn, encourage with all long-suffering and teaching.

2Ti 4:3  For a time will be when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own lusts, they will heap up to themselves teachers tickling the ear;

2Ti 4:4  and they will turn away the ear from the truth and will be turned aside to myths.

2Ti 4:5  But you be clear-minded in all, suffer hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fully carry out your ministry.

2Ti 4:6  For I am already being poured out, and the time of my release is here.

2Ti 4:7  I have fought the good fight. I have finished the course. I have kept the faith.

Ti 4:8  For the rest, the crown of righteousness is laid up for me, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give to me in that Day, and not only to me, but also to all the ones loving His appearance.

Tit 2:9  Let slaves be subject to their own masters, well-pleasing in all things, not speaking against them,

Tit 2:10  not stealing, but showing all good faith, that they may adorn the doctrine of our Savior God in all things.

Tit 2:11  For the saving grace of God has appeared to all men,

Tit 2:12  instructing us that having denied ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live discreetly and righteously and godly in the present age,

Tit 2:13  looking for the blessed hope and appearance of the glory of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ,

Tit 2:14  who gave Himself on our behalf, “that He might redeem us from all lawlessness and purify a special people for Himself,” zealous of good works. Psa. 130:8; Eze. 37:23; Deut. 14:2

Tit 2:15  Speak these things and exhort and convict with all authority. Let no one despise you.

2Th 2:8  And then “the Lawless One” will be revealed, “whom” “the Lord” “will consume” “by the spirit of His mouth,” and will bring to nought by the brightness of His presence. Isa. 11:4

Every eye shall see Him
Rev 1:7  “Behold, He comes with the clouds,” and “every eye will see Him, and the ones who pierced” Him, and all the tribes of the earth “will wail on account of Him.” Yes, Amen. Dan. 7:13; Zech. 12:10

Isa 66:18  For I know their works and their thoughts; it comes to gather all the nations and the tongues; and they shall come and see My glory.

Mat 24:30  And then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the heavens. And then all the tribes of the land will wail. And they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and much glory. Dan. 7:13
Zec 12:10  And I will pour on the house of David, and on those living in Jerusalem, the Spirit of grace and of prayers. And they shall look on Me whom they have pierced; and they shall mourn for Him, as one mourns for an only son, and they shall be bitter over Him, like the bitterness over the first-born.

Notice the link between the crucifixion and His second coming (Revelation 1:7; Zechariah 1:10).  It is interesting to note that ἐπιφάνεια ‘epiphaneia’ is used in the Septuagint to translate the Hebrew word ירא ‘yare.’  This is the Hebrew word used in Genesis 22 speaking of the day when the LORD shall be seen.

Gen 22:11  And the Angel of Jehovahcalled to him from the heavens and said, Abraham! Abraham! And he said, Behold me.
Gen 22:12  And He said, Do not lay your hand on the boy, nor do anything to him. For now I know that you are a God-fearer, and you have not withheld your son, your only one, from Me.
Gen 22:13  And Abraham lifted up his eyes and looked. And behold! A ram behind him was entangled in a thicket by its horns. And Abraham went and took the ram and offered it for a burnt offering instead of his son.
Gen 22:14  And Abraham called the name of that place Jehovah Will See; so that it is said until this day, In the mount of Jehovah it will be seen.

Gen 22:14  ויקרא אברהם שׁם־המקום ההוא יהוה יראה אשׁר יאמר היום בהר יהוה יראה׃

Literally, in/on the mountain the LORD will be seen.

Abraham calls the place יהוה יראה ‘Yahweh Yireh’ (The LORD will be seen). יראה ‘yireh’ is in the Kal stem, 3rd person masculine singular future tense pointing to a future fulfillment of the Lord literally being seen or revealed.

Joh 8:56  Your father Abraham leaped for joy that he should see My day, and he saw, and rejoiced.
Joh 8:57  Then the Jews said to Him, You do not yet have fifty years, and have You seen Abraham?
Joh 8:58  Jesus said to them, Truly, truly, I say to you, Before Abraham came to be, I AM!

On the mountain the LORD will be seen.  יראה ‘yayrah’eh’ is in the Niphal stem 3rd person masculine singular future tense.  Truly the LORD provided HIMSELF as a lamb in the place of Isaac (mankind).

Gen 22:7  And Isaac spoke to his father Abraham and said, My father. And he said, Behold me. And he said, Behold, the fire and the wood! But where is the lamb for a burnt offering?
Gen 22:8  And Abraham said, My son, God will see to the lamb for Himself, for a burnt offering. And the two of them went together.

Joh 8:28  Then Jesus said to them, When you lift up the Son of Man, then you will know that I AM; and from Myself I do nothing; but as My Father taught Me, these things I speak.

Joh 19:19  And Pilate also wrote a title and put it on the cross. And having been written, it was: JESUS THE NAZARENE, THE KING OF THE JEWS.

Joh 12:32  And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all to Myself (John 8:28 Messiah states this is how they will know He is ‘I AM’).
Joh 12:33  But He said this, signifying by what kind of death He was about to die.
Joh 12:34  The crowd answered Him, We heard out of the Law that The Christ remains to the age. And how do You say that the Son of Man must be lifted up? Who is this Son of Man?
Joh 12:35  Then Jesus said to them, Yet a little while the Light is with you. Walk while you have the Light, that darkness not overtake you. And the one walking in the darkness does not know where he is going.
Joh 12:36  While you have the Light, believe into the Light, that you may become sons of Light. Jesus spoke these things, and going away He was hidden from them.
Joh 12:37  But though He had done so many miraculous signs before them, they did not believe into Him,
Joh 12:38  so that the Word of Isaiah the prophet might be fulfilled, which he said, “Lord, who has believed our report? And the arm of the Lord, to whom was it revealed?”
Isa. 53:1 (the Arm of the LORD= the Angel of the LORD…more on this below)
Joh 12:39  Because of this they could not believe, because Isaiah said again,
Joh 12:40  “He has blinded their eyes” and “has hardened their heart,” “that they might not see with the eyes” and “understand with the heart,” “and be converted,” “and I should heal them.”
Isa. 6:10
Joh 12:41  Isaiah said these things when he saw His glory, and spoke about Him.

Albert Barnes commentary Joh 12:41 –
When he saw his glory – Isa_6:1-10. Isaiah saw the Lord (in Hebrew, יהוה  Yahweh) sitting on a throne and surrounded with the seraphim. This is perhaps the only instance in the Bible in which Yahweh is said to have been seen by man, and for this the Jews affirm that Isaiah was put to death. God had said Exo_33:20, “No man shall see me and live;” and as Isaiah affirmed that he had seen Yahweh, the Jews, for that and other reasons, put him to death by sawing him asunder. See Introduction to Isaiah, Section 2.
By his glory is meant the manifestation of him – the Shechinah, or visible cloud that was a representation of God, and that rested over the mercy-seat. This was regarded as equivalent to seeing God, and John here expressly applies this to the Lord Jesus Christ

John affirms that it was the glory of the Messiah that Isaiah saw, and yet Isaiah affirms that it was Yahweh; and from this the inference is irresistible that John regarded Jesus as the Yahweh whom Isaiah saw.

The pictographs of יהוה ‘Yahweh’ speak of Him being revealed through the nails in His Hands

Joh 20:27  Then He said to Thomas, Bring your finger here and see My hands, and bring your hand and thrust into My side, and be not unbelieving, but believing.
Joh 20:28  And Thomas answered and said to Him, My Lord and my God!

Why was He manifested? To take away our sins

Heb 9:26  since He must often have suffered from the foundation of the world. But now once for all, at the completion of the ages, He has been manifested for putting away of sin through the sacrifice of Himself.

1Jn 3:5  And you know that that One was revealed that He might take away our sins, and sin is not in Him.
Heb 9:28  so Christ having been once offered “to bear the sins of many,” Christ shall appear a second time without sin to those expecting Him for salvation. Isa. 53:12

The appearing of Messiah is the essence of the Gospel.
Isa 40:9  Go up for yourself on the high mountain, one bearing good news to Zion; lift up your voice with strength, one bearing good news to Jerusalem. Lift up, do not fear. Say to the cities of Judah, Behold! Your God!
Isa 40:10  Behold, the Lord Jehovah will come with strength, and His arm rules for Him. Behold, His reward is with Him, and His wage before Him.
Isa 40:11  He shall feed His flock like a shepherd; He shall gather lambs with His arm; and carry them in His bosom; those with young He will lead;

Psa 98:1  A Psalm. O sing to Jehovah a new song, for He has done wondrous things; His right hand and His holy arm has saved Him.
Psa 98:2  Jehovah has revealed His salvation; He unveiled His righteousness to the eyes of the nations.
Psa 98:3  He has remembered His mercy and His faithfulness to the house of Israel; all the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our God.
Psa 98:4  Make a joyful noise to Jehovah, all the earth; break out and rejoice and sing praise.
Psa 98:5  Sing praise to Jehovah with the lyre; with the lyre and the voice of a song.
Psa 98:6  With trumpets and the sound of a horn, make a joyful noise before Jehovah the King.
Psa 98:7  Let the sea roar, and the fullness of it; the world, and those who live in it.
Psa 98:8  Let the rivers clap their hands; let the heights shout for joy together,
Psa 98:9  before Jehovah; for He comes to judge the earth; with righteousness He shall judge the world, and the peoples in uprightness.

The Music of the Bible Revealed: Psalms 98




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