Daily Tidbits 1/25 – Chemistry

Chemistry is all about ‘matter.’

“Simply put, this whole branch of science is all about matter, which is anything that has mass and occupies space.  Chemistry is the study of the composition and properties of matter and the changes it undergoes.” {Chemistry for Dummies pg 9}

The English word ‘matter’ comes from the Latin ‘materia’ which means the inner wood of a tree.  The Word {דבר ‘davar’} is linked to trees.  Bible, codex, liber, scroll etc., all trace back to trees.  In Hebrew, one of the words for matter is דבר ‘davar’ which means Word.

‘Materia’ is related to the word ‘mater’ in Latin which means the source/mother.  In Hebrew, the word for mother is אם ‘em’ which means ‘glue’.  This is what physical matter is, elements that are ‘glued’ together to form compounds.

“Matter comes via Anglo-Norman matere from Latin materia ‘matter.’  This was originally applied to the ‘hard inner wood of a tree,’ and etymologically denoted the ‘matrix’ or ‘mother’ from which the tree’s new growth came (it was derived of Latin mater ‘mother’).”  {A Dictionary of Word Origins pg 341 “Matter”}

Matrix of water

“It is significant that, long before men realized this universality of material structure, the bible had indicated that all things, including even human bodies, were made of the dust of the earth.

These basic elements were originally created (Gen. 1:1) as the fundamental components of matter in the space-matter-time cosmos (‘heavens’ – ‘earth’ – ‘beginning’) called into existence by the omnipotent Word of God (John 1:1-3).  This basic ‘unformed’ earth material (Gen. 1:2) was then ‘made ‘ or ‘formed’ by God into complex systems.  Originally suspended and dispersed in a vast matrix of water (Gen. 1:2; 2 Pet 3:5), all other elements were built up into a vast array of terrestrial and celestial bodies (1 Cor. 15:40) and, on the earth, both inorganic and living systems.” {Biblical Basis of Modern Science pg 217}

The origin of the word matrix, comes from ‘madrigal.’

“Etymologically, madrigal denotes ‘a simple song, such as might just have sprung from the mother’s womb.’  It comes ultimately from medieval Latin matricalis ‘simple, primitive,’ a derivative of Latin matrix ‘womb.’  {Dictionary of Word Origins pg 332 ‘Madrigal’}

Amazingly, all matter comes forth from a matrix of water in the beginning and was manifested through sound/a song.

“Matter is composed of atoms, which in turn are made from quarks and electrons.  According to string theory, all such particles are actually tiny loops of vibrating string.”  {Elegant Universe pg 14}

“String theory proclaims, for instance, that the observed particle properties, are a reflection of the various ways in which a string can vibrate.  Just as the strings on a violin or on a piano have resonant frequencies at which they prefer to vibrate – patterns that our ears sense as various musical notes and their higher harmonics – the same holds true for the loops of string theory….each of the preferred patterns of vibration of a string in string theory appears as a particle whose mass and force changes are determined by the string’s oscillatory pattern.”  {Elegant Universe pg 15}

In short, all of creation comes forth from music.  Just as the Holy Scriptures spoke of thousands of years ago.

String theory is a part of a larger synthesis called M-Theory.  Originally the letter M in M-theory was taken from membrane, a construct designed to generalize the strings of string theory.

In M-Theory, strings with closed loops are free to go from one dimension to another. Interestingly, M-Theory originally spoke of 10 dimensions.  This was later expanded to 11 dimensions based on the necessary consolidation of five separate string theories to produce an 11th unifying dimension and a consistent string theory.  This is fascinating in that the Tabernacle had 11 curtains…

Exo 26:7  And you shall make curtains of goats’ hair for a tent over the tabernacle; you shall make eleven curtains.

The open ended loops (like floss) are tied down to our physical dimension.  These strings can be ‘stretched out’ and are called a membrane.  The world is called a ‘brane’ world.  ‘Brance’ comes from the Latin word ‘membrana.’

Membrana, Membranae
N – 1 1 – F –

membrane; skin; parchment;

Thin skin, film membrane.  The skin of a snake or the skin prepared to write on a parchment like a scroll.

2Ti 4:13  When you come, bring the cloak which I left in Troas with Carpus, and the books, especially the parchments (μεμβράνα ‘membrana’).

The word ‘chemistry’ comes from the Hebrew word חמר ‘chomer.’  חמר ‘chomer’ comes from חם ‘cham’

חמר ‘chomer’ comes from חם ‘cham’

Looking at the word חמר ‘chomer’ and its root חם ‘cham’, it is not hard to see the connection to chemistry which is the study of matter and the change it goes through.  The milk and the enzymes in the skin bag mixing together to form cheese is a perfect example of a chemical reaction in chemistry.  To further illustrate the connection, the word for black in Hebrew חום ‘chom’ and comes from this same root.

The word ‘chemistry’ comes from the Egyptian word ‘khemia’ meaning black.

Interestingly, Scripture speaks of Egypt as the land of חם ‘cham.’

Psa 78:51  And he struck all the first-born in Egypt, the firstfruits of strength in the tents of Ham {חם ‘cham’};

The word ‘chemistry’ is also related to the word ‘alchemy.’

Today alchemy elicits thoughts of evil ‘warlocks’ trying to turn metals into gold and the ‘philosopher’s stone.’  The Philosopher’s stone points to the mark of the beast and is a subject covering a vast amount of information which is not the point of this study but is important to address.

In the beginning, all things were good (Genesis 1:31).  It is the adversary and the wicked imaginations of man that have perverted creation and the sciences.  This is seen in all of the sciences.  Evolution vs creationism, numerology vs the biblical meaning of numbers etc.  Chemistry/alchemy is a perfect example of this.  It is interesting to note that the search for the Philosopher’s Stone is called  ‘azoth.’  Azoth was symbolized by a serpent eating its tail and a tree (the tree of knowledge of good and evil).  This snake eating its tail imagery (oroboros) is discussed in more detail here.

“Historically, the Scientific Revolution was united with an Occult Renaissance, the vestiges of which can be seen even today within the names of established branches of modern science.  For example, chemistry originated from alchemy, (the dark art) from the Arabic word meaning ‘from Egypt’ or from the land of Kemet, meaning ‘darkness’.  Men like Henrich Agrippa, John Dee, Kercher, Descarte, and later Leibnez and Newton created amalgamations of the religious and natural world, a world divinely ordained and regulated.

Theologians of the Renaissance proposed that because all natural mechanisms of creation originated from God, the resolution of these aspects through natural magic would validate Christianity.”  {Temple at the Center of Time pg 2}

Just as Chemistry, which is a legitimate science which points to Christ, came out of alchemy/Egypt, the Scriptures allude to Messiah ‘coming out of Egypt’

Mat 2:15  And he was there until the end of Herod, that might be fulfilled that spoken by the Lord through the prophet, saying, “Out of Egypt I have called My Son.” Hos. 11:1




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