“Unto You is Born this Day” – Kurt Simmons

“Unto You is Born this Day” The Biblical Case for the Dec. 25th Birth of Christ We often hear it said that Jesus was not “really” born December 25th; that this date is a mere fiction, surreptitiously appropriated by church authorities in an attempt to Christianize the pagan solstice, or festival sol invictus. However, such charges are relatively recent.  For most of church history, December 25th was received as the actual date of Christ’s birth, handed down from earliest times.  Questions regarding Christmas were first raised during the Reformation by Puritans and Scottish Presbyterians, who attempted to outlaw its celebration in

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YES! Evidence Indicates Jesus Really Was Born December 25th – Kurt Simmons

YES! Evidence Indicates Jesus Really Was Born December 25th – Kurt Simmons – Case at a Glance – Jesus turned 30 yr. after his baptism, but before Dec. 31st, A.D. 29: First, we observe that Jewish law and convention required men to be 30 yrs. old before making disciples and undertaking active, public teaching. Next, we notice Luke said Jesus was on the threshold of his 30th birthday when baptized in the 15th year of Tiberius before beginning his public ministry (Lk. 2:1, 23). The 15th year of Tiberius was the calendar years A.D. 29. Since Jesus was 29 going

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December 25th

There are four scenarios/theories I’ve seen about the birth of Christ which use the Bible (priestly course of Abijah) and history (early Church writings or signs in the heavens) which make compelling cases for the correct date of the birth of Jesus. All four have either December 25 (winter solstice) as the conception, birth or visit of the Magi on December 25. The Scriptures allude to this date as well in reference to the coming of Christ in Haggai 2:18-23.  It is interesting to note that Haggai means ‘my feast or festival.’ Hag 2:18  Consider now from this day and

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Christmas – Little Guy in the Eye

Christmas – Little Guy in the Eye Christmas is a holiday which reminds mankind of the birth of our Savior and displays the “little guy in the Eye” imagery to the world as the world remembers Christ as an infant.  The English word ‘baby’ comes from the Hebrew בבה ‘baba’ which means the pupil, the apple of one’s eyes.   Interestingly, the English word hug (as in holding a baby in your arms) traces back to the Hebrew word חג ‘chag’ which is translated as feast/holiday but literally means to encircle as in the embrace of two people in a hug.

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Christmas and the Bible

  There is nothing for or against the celebration of Christmas in the Bible.  There is no command for or against it.  As a result, believers have the freedom to choose to celebrate or not to celebrate based upon their convictions. For those who celebrate Christmas they can find the first “Christmas” celebrated in the Bible but we don’t see anything further in regards to celebrating the nativity of Christ.  The celebration of the nativity of Christ is first mentioned in history in 2nd century.  The celebration of Christmas today is based upon this history and tradition which traces back

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Christmas & Herbert Armstrong

Christmas & Herbert Armstrong Around November of 2003 I ran across Herbert Armstrong’s teaching opposing Christmas as a pagan holiday and was convinced this teaching had legitimacy.  Herbert Armstrong’s teaching led me to examine the supposed pagan roots of Christmas and through a number of other witnesses I became convinced Christmas was evil.  For over ten years I held to this conviction until the Lord began to reveal to me the errors in Armstrong’s teaching. Following are a couple of excellent articles by those who were members of the Armstrong church but came to see the problems in Herbert Armstrong’s

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Christmas Fireplace

In Defense of Christmas

In the upcoming series of articles on Christmas I hope to share what I’ve found in regards to this holiday.  In this particular article I hope to share some background on my “journey” in regards to this holiday. For many years I was adamantly opposed to Christmas and spent a lot of time and effort in exposing the “evils” of the holiday. In recent years I’ve come to see my understanding of this holiday was wrong and since I’ve publicly taught against this holiday in error with this website I believe it is only right that I publicly correct my

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Christmas 2016

  In the coming days and weeks I am going to be using the platform of this website to share a lot of information on the topic of Christmas.  Readers of this site will know that I have publicly opposed Christmas for many years and taught that this holiday was based upon worship traditions of the pagans.  In recent years my understanding of this holiday has greatly changed and as a result I took down my former teachings.  This year, I am going to share much of the information which has led me to this change. To begin, I know

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The Presidents Code – John Tyler

The Presidents Code – John Tyler Name Meanings of the Tyler Presidency in story form: Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord amidst a world full of wickedness. God commanded Noah to build an ark to escape the judgment that was to come by a flood. The Lord saved Noah because he was just and perfect before Him. The ark of Noah was covered in pitch, a picture of God’s grace and atonement given to those who believe in Jesus and who are baptized in Him just as the ark was baptized in the waters of the Flood.

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Prophecies of Messiah – Genesis 14:18: Melchizedek

Messiah in Hebrew literally means an anointed one, as in a king (1 Samuel 24:6, 10), prophet (1 Kings 19:16) or priest (Leviticus 4:3, 5, 16; 6:22). The term is used in reference to God’s people as well (Psalm 105:15; 1 Chronicles 16:22). Most important is the usage of the term in reference to the Son of God (Psalm 2:2, 6-7; Matthew 16:16; 26:63; John 6:69), the Savior of the world (Habakkuk 3:13; Daniel 9:25) who is to rule as King over all the earth (Psalm 72:1-11; Isaiah 9:6-7; Psalm 110:1-4; Jeremiah 23:5-6; Zechariah 9:9-10; Daniel 7:13-14). Prophecies of Messiah

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